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Indonesia vs Argentina Trial Not Appropriate for the 2023 Asian Cup

Football observer Muhammad Kusnaeni considers the discourse on the trial of the Indonesian national team with Argentina next June not being suitable for the 2023 Asian Cup.
In Kusnaeni’s view, the trial against Argentina will not have much of a technical impact. The most felt impact from the trial is only the image and the entertainment side.

“Against Argentina, the benefits were a little from a technical point of view. More from an image perspective, but technically, who would be the right one to play against this world champion team,” said Kusnaeni.

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“What do you want the coach to try against Argentina. But if the opponents are South Korea, Australia, Iran, Syria or others, there are many things that can be pursued for the 2023 Asian Cup,” he said.

However, Bung Kus, as he is affectionately known, is not against the trial plan against Argentina. If this agenda is certain, Kusnaeni hopes that this kind of trial will be the last.

The remaining international calendars, especially for the period September 2023, are adjusted accordingly. This is because the international calendar for the October and November periods will be filled with the 2026 World Cup Qualifications.

“With the limited trials, there should not be unnecessary trials. I don’t think Argentina is not important. I mean against a team like Argentina just once,” he said.

Because of that, Kusnaeni also asked PSSI and Shin Tae Yong to immediately set up the right agenda. This is also related to the competition schedule, so that later the 2023/2024 National Team and League 1 agendas do not clash.

“When it comes to long or short preparation, it is important that it is synchronized with the competition schedule. So there should be no more clashes with clubs, so that players cannot join the national team,” he said.

“This competition agenda must be regulated, so that when they join the National Team they are not burdened. The competition schedule is set so that the players are comfortable and focused. The competition is not disturbed,” said Kusnaeni.

Source : CNN News