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Nationwide Crime Trend Hits Baltimore County: Asian American Business Owners Targeted by Thieves

A shocking crime trend that has been making its way across the country has now found its way to Baltimore County.

“In our community, a lot of sad stories happened over the last several years,” said Colin Liang, owner of Street Food By Water Song in Towson. 

Detectives said the thieves, who are likely a part of organized crime groups, are breaking into Asian American business owners’ homes, stealing cash and other belongings.

The way they’re allegedly doing it is unsettling.

“A lot of times these business owners are followed from work to home and that’s actually when the burglaries take place,” Baltimore County Police Det. Trae Corbin said.

Investigators say the thieves are also breaking into the owners’ cars to find out where they live.

Liang said some of his employees have been victims of crimes.

“One of my employees literally got robbed last month on the way home,” Liang said.

Police do not know why the Asian American community is being targeted.

Liang believes it could have something to do with a cultural misunderstanding.

“I think there is a lot of issues,” Liang said. “You have some political issues or the international, economic situation between our homeland country China or the us.”

In the meantime, Baltimore County Police are sharing tips with business owners.

“Install surveillance cameras on their home, motion sensors, check that your cars are locked and just be aware of your surroundings,” Det. Corbin said.

Liang works with members of the Asian American business community who are collaborating to determine other ways to prevent these crimes. But, with so much to lose, he says some business owners are choosing to leave the area.

“They move to the Howard County,” Liang said. “They move a little bit further even go to Philly. Just not Maryland.”

For liang though, he says that’s not the right move for him.

“We love it here because this is such a good place to do business and to achieve our dream,” Liang said.

Again, Baltimore County Police is urging business owners to pay close attention to make sure they are not being followed. And, if they notice anything suspicious, give them a call.

Source : CBS News