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AUSTRALIA buys eight nuclear submarines under ocus

Shafakna – Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announced his country’s intention to buy eight US nuclear submarines for $100 billion within the framework of the Okus agreement.

Albanese described the contract as “the biggest leap in Australia’s defense capability,” noting that Ocus is “extremely important” to Australia’s security during the “time of uncertainty” in the Asia-Pacific region.

Albanese also pledged to encourage and expand domestic defense manufacturing facilities to avoid dependence on foreign allies for advanced military equipment.

Albanese noted: “Australia has long recognized that partnerships and alliances are key to our security, however, we understand that protecting our sovereign interests and promoting regional stability requires us to develop our sovereign defense capabilities, including advanced manufacturing.”

Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull criticized the purchase of “Virginia”-class nuclear submarines from the United States, describing it as indicating the abandonment of the country’s national sovereignty.

“What Australia almost completely ignores is that the country cannot operate and maintain nuclear submarines purchased from the United States without the supervision of the US Navy,” explained the former Australian Prime Minister.

source: shafaqna