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Breathtaking Maldives tops the Destination charts

Maldives revealed as the most preferred international holiday destination during the first quarter of 2022.

Malé (19/05 – 33.33) Packed with breathtaking views, the Maldives is a destination worth visiting due to its serene turquoise waters and heavenly beaches teeming with exotic aquatics. As an ideal destination, Maldives is great for major downtime and water sports such as snorkelling, water flying, parasailing, diving, SUP and fishing.

Quoted from Lux Resorts, the Maldives is an archipelago of 1,192 coral islands with 200 inhabited islands, including 80 islands with tourist resorts. As an independent country in the north-central Indian Ocean, the Maldives is exceptionally beautiful especially from November to April, when you can expect a joyful sunny day with low humidity.

Consider exploring the beautiful islands of Maafushi, Hulhumale, Kanifinolhu, Biyadhoo and Fulhadhoo. As they offer everything you crave, including tranquillity, water sports, and crystal blue lagoons.

Known for its crystal clear waters, white beaches, luxurious accommodations and warm welcome, the Maldives is a bucket list destination for many.

A recent statistical review based on the data collected from Cred; an Indian fintech company, revealed Maldives as the most preferred international holiday destination during the first quarter of 2022.

The data was collected from Indian travelers who used Cred’s services.

It was reported that members of Cred opted for Maldives due to high amenities the reward-based credit system provided.

Speaking about the affiliation with Cred, Ms. Sharmistha Chakraborty, co-founder of Voyaah – one the leading travel partners of Cred – commented, “We are glad to be associated with Cred and offer our nuique range of experiential stays and packages to its distinct community of members from across the country.”

Following the Maldives topping Cred’s review of leading tourist destinations, Europe and Dubai placed second and third most-picked international holiday destinations by its members.

Precisely, curated European holiday packages covering Switzerland, Turkey, France and other parts of the continent were “much in demand.”

The Maldives is a favored travel destination for several traveler segments from India, which is evident from the travel figures.

Moreover, the most recent statistics from Ministry of Tourism confirms that India is the second strongest source market to the Maldives with 65,412 total travelers arriving in the island nation from the country so far in 2022, which is 11.7 percent of the entire tourist composition.