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BTS’ Suga says he “often imagines” a group reunion

South Korean musician Suga has spoken about his thoughts on a potential future BTS reunion.

The K-pop idol recently spoke to Disney+ Korea in the lead up to his upcoming documentary film Suga: Road to D-Day. During the interview, he used a “brain map” to symbolise everything that has been on his mind recently, including reuniting with BTS.

“This is about the whole team again, which is taking up a lot in my brain map these days,” Suga says. “Of course, the six of us could have done it together, but we said ‘we are perfect when we seven are all together. BTS shine the most when we are all together’.”

“So, we decided to wait for us to be together. And I wish that the seven of us [will be able to go] on a tour as soon as possible,” he added. “Even [though] it was [physically tough and] we couldn’t come home for months abroad, but it was fun more than anything.”

Suga then added that the members of BTS have been “talking about a lot to be [an] entire team again”. However, he also noted that the group are currently “taking and break and doing solo [work]”.

“But I am a member of BTS and my solo performances are also one of BTS’ performances. I often imagine that the seven of us get together, make [an] album and go on tour again,” he said. “I miss them when I’m doing something alone.”

Suga is scheduled release his first solo studio album ‘D-Day’ on this Friday (April 21). The musician’s documentary film Suga: Road to D-Day will also premiere on Disney+ and Weverse on the same day.

Last week, Suga unveiled the tracklist of ‘D-Day’, which will feature collaboration with J-hope on ‘HUH?!’, Woosung of The Rose and late Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto on ‘Snooze’, as well as IU on the previously released song ‘People Pt. 2’.

Source: NME