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Healthy Food Asia 2023: Unveiling The Future Of Healthy Food In ASEAN And Asia Pacific

Healthy Food Asia, powered by Free From Food Asia from Europe by EBC Expo, together with VNU Asia Pacific, is proud to announce the inaugural edition of the region’s premier healthy food exhibition.

Set to take place on July 5 and 6 at Samyan Mitrtown Hall, Samyan Mitrtown, Bangkok, Thailand, Healthy Food Asia is poised to revolutionise the way business is conducted in the thriving healthy, organicveganplant-basedfunctional, and free-from food sectors across ASEAN and Asia Pacific countries.

With a steadfast commitment to promoting a healthier lifestyle and catering to the ever-increasing demand for nutritious food options, Healthy Food Asia brings together importers, traders, retailers, and various distribution channels from ASEAN and Asia Pacific countries, providing a unique platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and business growth.

Industry Support

Healthy Food Asia has garnered significant attention from renowned industry players, receiving confirmations from more than 50 brands hailing from Asian countries.

Notably, the event has secured the support of esteemed partners the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), its main supporter, and The Netherlands Embassy, its country partner, further solidifying its position as a leading initiative in the healthy food landscape.

Highlighted among the exhibitors are top companies that have made significant strides in Thailand, including PRG Global Public Company Limited, Maxtex Trading Group, Salana Organic Village, Chin Huay, Meatly and many more. Their participation underscores the significance of Healthy Food Asia in fostering business opportunities and driving innovation within the industry.

Conference Programme

In conjunction with the exhibition, Healthy Food Asia will feature a comprehensive conference programme encompassing diverse topics and insights from prominent figures in the food industry.

Notable sessions include ‘Animal Protein Sector: At the Forefront of a More Innovative and Sustainable Food System’ and ‘Safety Vegetables for All: A Dutch Approach for an Innovative and Low Carbon Footprint System’ presented by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, as well as a joint session, ‘Healthy Food Adaptation in Asia’, by TMA, Oxford University, 4 Care, Tann D, among others.

Elsewhere, Euromonitor International will share its insights on ‘Future Trends in Healthy Eating and Drinking in Asia Pacific’, with sessions taking place on both 5 and 6 July.

The event aims to attract approximately 1,000 visitors, providing them with unparalleled access to the exhibition, conference programmes, and an array of engaging sessions covering allergen-free food, healthy lifestyle and food trends for the Asian consumer, innovation market analysis, and future trends.

Furthermore, an International Matchmaking program offers more than 200 sessions per day, ensuring valuable connections are made and fostering fruitful business collaborations.

Source: Esmmagazine