Fairfax (26/05 – 33.33) Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have made some serious allegations against each other during the ongoing trial but he has never looked at her even once. His attorney has cited Johnny’s promise as the reason.

The trial resumed on Monday after a week-long break with Amber Heard and Johnny Depp facing each other’s allegations in the court. The much-publicised trial has caught the attention of their fans across the globe as they continue to make shocking revelations about each other. During the course of the trial, many have noted that Johnny has never looked at Amber in the eye whereas she has looked at him several times. Johnny’s attorney asked Amber about the same on Monday.

According to People, Johnny’s attorney Camille Vasquez asked Amber about him not looking at her. Amber accepted that he has indeed not looked at her. When the attorney asked Amber, “You know exactly why Mr. Depp won’t look back at you, don’t you?” she confirmed, “I do.” The attorney again asked Amber, “He promised you you would never see his eyes again, is that true?” to which she replied, “I don’t recall if he said that.”

Camille went on to play an audio of Johnny and Amber’s last meeting, claiming she begged him to hug her to say goodbye. She again asked Amber, “He’s kept that promise, hasn’t he?” to which Amber simply replied, “As far as I know, he cannot look at me.”

Earlier, Amber’s spokesperson had told the tabloid that Johnny “does not have the courage to even look at Ms. Heard.”

Attorneys for Johnny began their questioning of Amber in the couple’s defamation trial on Monday and challenged her claims that she suffered physical abuse before and during their brief marriage. Johnny, 58, is suing Amber, 36, for $50 million, saying she defamed him when she claimed she was a victim of domestic abuse. She has countersued for $100 million, arguing that he smeared her by calling her a liar. Closing arguments are scheduled for May 27.

The legal case centers on a December 2018 opinion piece by Amber that appeared in the Washington Post. The article never mentioned Johnny by name, but his lawyer told jurors it was clear Amber was referencing him.

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