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Scholars Highlight Expanding Global Reach of GBA Media at Asia-Pacific Communication Forum

Several scholars shed light on the imperative for media outlets in the Guangdong–Hong Kong–Macao Greater Bay Area to broaden their global reach by delivering compelling and relevant information that captures the attention of their audience, during a sub-forum of the Asia-Pacific Communication Forum 2023 (APCF2023).

APCF2023 kicked off today (Saturday) at the University of Macau (UM), engaging in discussions surrounding new media and communication issues within the Greater Bay Area and the broader Asia-Pacific region. The sub-forum explored the issues of global branding of Greater Bay Area, which includes joint efforts to obtain a greater presence in the international media sphere.

Professor Yin Jiafei from Central Michigan University underscored the critical role of forging psychological connections with audiences when telling the story of GBA and the importance of conveying information on the developments within the region.

“For example, there are a lot of economic activities going on in the Greater Bay Area, we need to talk about how those activities are going to benefit the people who are reading the stories,” she said.

Meanwhile, Professor Liu Songjie from the School of Journalism and Communication at Sun Yat-sen University, stressed the significance of shifting the storytelling perspective to avoid solely delivering China-centered news.

Liu further emphasised that establishing influential international media outlets within the GBA is crucial for promoting the region, fostering democratic values, and driving economic development, mirroring the success of other world-class urban agglomerations.

In the sub-forum, Nancy Kong, the Editor in Chief of Great Bay Express, expressed that the establishment and promotion of GBA represent a momentous decision by the Chinese government.

Jesse Cheong, Chief Executive Editor of Fantasia Macau, said that fostering a more integrated narrative between Guangdong Province, Macau, and Hong Kong is crucial for promoting the growth of the media industry in the area.

“While Macau residents are keen to foster closer integration with mainland China, they sometimes encounter challenges in understanding the messages conveyed by mainland Chinese media,” he added.

Source : Macau Business