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Table tennis tournament “Formula55 CUP” finished in Dushanbe

From February 18 to February 21 of this year, in the sports school No. 5 of the city of Dushanbe, the “Formula55” company held a tournament – the Championship of the Republic in table tennis “Formula55 CUP”.

It was attended by both girls and men from Kulyab, Gissar and Dushanbe. The tournament was bright and left the most positive emotions for all participants.

The opening of the championship was attended by representatives of the Formula55 company, the Committee for Youth and Sports, as well as the President of the Republican Table Tennis Federation Mirzo Ismoilzoda.

On the first and second days of the tournament, the participants intensely competed with each other. Players who have been playing table tennis for more than 15 years also took part. This is a team of veterans from Dushanbe.

According to the results of the last tournament among women’s teams, the team from Dushanbe-1 took the 3rd place, the team from Gissar took the 2nd place and the team from Kulyab became the owner of the main prize.

Among men’s teams – the 3rd place was taken by the team from Dushanbe-2, the 2nd place by the team from Kulyab and the team from Dushanbe-1 became the owner of the main prize.

The award was presented to the winners by the management of Formula55.

The Formula55 company launched the Formula55 CUP project in 2022, which is aimed at initiating and supporting sports tournaments in the sports federations of Tajikistan.

source: asiaplustj