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There is North Korea, here are the 5 Poorest Countries in Asia Right Now

Here are the 5 poorest countries in Asia today. Asia is the continent with the most densely populated population in the world.

Asia’s population beats the continent inhabited by many developed countries such as Europe and America. In Asia there are also the poorest countries today.

The area of Asia reaches 44,000,000 km2 or a quarter of the world’s land area or four and a half times the area of the European continent.

From this vast land, the continent of Asia has been inhabited by 4.6 billion people spread across various countries including Indonesia.

Nevertheless, each country in Asia has a different economic level. There are 5 poorest countries in Asia.

To measure the economic level of a country can be seen using the amount of income per capita or known as the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita.

GDP per capita itself is the total GDP or income of a country divided by the total population of that country.

Now from these calculations we can see the poorest country in Asia when looking at the current GDP per capita.

Here are the 5 Poorest Countries in Asia:

1. Afghanistan

In first place is Afghanistan which is currently the poorest country in Asia.

GDP per capita in this country is only US$ 508 or around IDR 7.62 million.

This is allegedly due to the armed conflict in Afghanistan plus the corruption that is often perpetrated by officials there.

2. North Korea

In second place is North Korea which is currently the poorest country in Asia. In contrast to South Korea’s neighbors who have advanced technology and K-Pop industries.

This country, which is known for its sadistic leaders, is actually busy capturing beautiful girls who are still virgins to satisfy their high-ranking officials.

Currently, North Korea, led by Kim Jong Undi, is estimated to have a per capita income of only US$ 642 or around Rp. 9.36 million.

3. Yemen

In third place is Yemen, which has a per capita income of only US$ 824 or around Rp. 12.36 million.

The poverty that has hit Yemen is allegedly the result of civil war, corruption, and the inability to manage the economy.

It is recorded that around 79% of the population lives below the poverty line and 65% is classified as extreme poor.

4. Tajikistan

In fourth place is Tajikistan, which has a GDP per capita of US$ 859 or around Rp. 12.88 million.

Poverty in Tajikistan is caused by a lack of infrastructure that hampers the country’s economy and civil war destroys a number of schools in the country.

5. Syria

In fifth position is Syria, which is one of the poorest countries in Asia because of the many armed conflicts.

Syria is also the poorest country because it has experienced a very high inflation rate in recent years.

Currently, Syria is estimated to only have a per capita income of US$ 870 or around Rp. 13.05 million.

Source : Belitong Ekspres