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Visa Ease Skyrockets Asian Flights for Indians by 130%

Malaysia has recently made a significant move by eliminating visa requirements for Indian tourists, joining a growing list of nations that are easing travel restrictions to boost tourism and strengthen ties with India. This trend, particularly noticeable in Southeast Asia, has been highlighted by travel fintech company Scapia. Scapia’s data shows a worldwide increase in travel interest, with three popular destinations showing substantial rises in flight searches on its platform, where travelers use their reward coins for bookings. In the last quarter of 2023, Hong Kong saw a remarkable 130% increase in flight searches, closely followed by Bangkok with a 70% increase, and Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital, experienced a 50% rise.

In terms of accommodations, Sri Lanka’s Colombo experienced an extraordinary 550% increase in search for stays in the last quarter of 2023. Hong Kong also witnessed a significant 150% increase in stay searches, reflecting its unique blend of modern and traditional attractions. Bangkok too saw a 50% increase in stay searches in the same period, adding to the overall growth in travel interest in these regions.

In alignment with this Mr. Anil Goteti Founder and CEO of Scapia said “All of us have an inherent love  for exploring new destinations, and developments like visa-free entries make these places even more  accessible. The increase in travel searches is a positive sign, reflecting the growing enthusiasm  among Indians to experience different cultures and adventures. The data indicate a tangible shift in  travel patterns, thanks to the welcoming countries. We at Scapia are excited to help people tick these  countries off their bucket list.”

Source : Travel Tour